Well, well, well. Look who’s back! Sorry for the hiatus, we’ve been busy reevaluating the direction in which we wanted to take Locally Unknown. We have a pretty good idea of which direction we will be taking the brand in the future and are hoping we can take all of you along for the journey. To kick things off in 2016 we did a quick shoot of our “Shoobie” shirt. With the help of our camera men Perry Arnold, Brian Wilson and of course our lovely model Cody Iglesias, we set out to make a quick video to show off our new design.DSC03633-1




Watch the full video below:

Our newest team member Anthony Bucardo showed us what he can do on his BMX this past weekend.  We drove out to the Sheep Hills BMX jumps in Orange County to watch him catch flight, then eventually build up the courage to hit the legendary 10 yard gap.  Watch him jump over his friends in the new Sosa tank top now available in the Webstore.

 photo blog2_zps14647e13.jpg

 photo blog1_zpsd573eb58.jpg

 photo blog10_zps1466e1c6.jpg

Tim ruining the shot by wearing his shirt backwards.

 photo blog7_zpse1f9ebd7.jpg

 photo blog9_zps7c0bc2c2.jpg
The 10 yarder!

 photo output_dL7Gg0_zps8a55e56d.gif


Longtime supporter and close friend Taylor Kellstrom was interviewed by Studio Santa Clarita, a vlog put together weekly by The Signal.  He explains his story from his motocross career to the entrepreneur he’s become today, all while wearing our Hawaiian shirt we released last year, check it out.