Honor Fraser held another exhibit for Kaws and his Man’s best friend collection.  Most of it consisting of Snoopy and his popular Spongebob features hidden throughout the paintings.  I was a little disappointed with the last exhibits I attended displaying a lot more statutes and vinyls but Kaws’ line work made up for it.  Words can not describe how perfect each line, each curve flows in every painting on top of his shadow work that is a just as defined.  We went into a few other random museums but had to leave from giggling at the nude art or because Tamara was touching the exhibits.  Then the famous question popped up ‘are you hungry?’ which then lead into one of the most asked questions of this generation ‘Where do you want to eat?’.  After a bunch of I don’t cares were exchanged I brought up The Misfit since it was on the way home and on third street, no girl can resist 3rd street.  After stuffing our faces we watched Tamara shop and then I was luckily enough to sit in on a photo shoot she had in the car with herself and Rachelle who was trying to drive.  I miraculously got home alive and was only 20 minutes late for work…

 photo IMG_4922_zpsfe111251.jpg

Kaws’ line work is literally perfect, I was that asshole trying to find a flaw in the painting.

 photo IMG_4923_zpsca26468e.jpg

 photo IMG_4928_zps5d7ea506.jpg

 photo IMG_4936_zpse372fd09.jpg

 photo IMG_4931_zps0b3e7d07.jpg

The selfie stick came out to play.

 photo IMG_4934_zps81061111.jpg

 photo IMG_4933_zps829a7667.jpg
The selfie stick is still out at play.

 photo IMG_4938_zps7c215fb8.jpg

 photo IMG_4942_zps23cba847.jpg

Everyone loves the fish eye.

 photo IMG_4946_zps12999060.jpg
Rachelle and Tamara doing what they do best…

 photo IMG_4966_zpsb2ab1e4b.jpg

Tamara trying her best to indulge in a burger built for a small giant.

 photo IMG_4977_zpsd385e3d8.jpg

 photo IMG_4984_zps30a72448.jpg
 The benefit of sitting behind 4’11 Rachelle.

 photo IMG_4917_zpsad517417.jpg

It’s that time again, to try and take pictures in the windy weather Santa Clarita always blesses us with.  As our End of Summer line just released it was a must that we took our lookbook photos in our hometown that everyone loves to hate. From Canyon High all the way up to Nike base we did as best as we could while begging Jake the entire time to keep his pants on.  We are also still currently remodeling the entire website and expect it to have it up soon, thank you for your patience.

 photo 43_zps56b6cdb0.jpg

 photo 44_zpse5d94ff7.jpg

Jake and Nate took a little break to ‘motivate’ each other to get back in the mood.

 photo 45_zps5d30827a.jpg
 photo 47_zpsb05c1493.jpg

 photo 49_zps09efb2f4.jpg

 photo 410_zps7f42801d.jpg
 photo 411_zpsa40f7406.jpg
 photo 412_zps7133fde2.jpg
 photo 413_zps400b7968.jpg
The mandatory prison pic.

 photo 41_zpsf4a50b63.jpg

And the not mandatory jock pic.

 photo 42_zps0b747cda.jpg

With the playoffs around the corner the Dodgers are doing everything they can to guarantee their spot in.  But after watching them get beaten by the last place Padres I’m not willing to bet any money on them making it.  Also I’m writing this as a Yankee fan so don’t take my word on it.  Coincidentally the night of the game was free Babe Ruth bobble head night so I was able to have somewhat of Yankee pride with me.  Our great security guard pal Derek sat us as close as he could to the field, I could see everything even without my contacts in.  This time I came prepared and grabbed McDonald’s before hand along with cliche baseball snacks.  Sunflower seeds and peanuts to throw on the floor and m&m’s that just melted in my pocket.  We left in the 8th inning with all hope lost as the Dodgers were down by 4 and made our way towards K-town as Rachelle told me there’s an all you can eat restaurant for only $11, and by god was she right.

It was my first time to an actual authentic Korean restaurant, with full blown music videos in Korean playing the entire time that were actually pretty catchy.  They intimidate you by bringing the biggest plate of meat to the table hoping to tap you out in the first round.  Along with all the various vegetables and other nasty healthy stuff they have scattered throughout the table.  It’s a must when you’re with all your friends who will eat anything in their sight, I’m looking at you Derek.

 photo 33_zps40cc6707.jpg

 photo 34_zps7f42f4f9.jpg

 photo 36_zpsb07a0b52.jpg
 photo 37_zps7f755e74.jpg

 photo 38_zpsf32146de.jpg

And after, I don’t think she ever got off her phone.

 photo 31_zps480c622f.jpg