Derek’s 22nd Birthday Bash


It’s your favorite person to read about on the blog, the one and only Derek Hoofard.  This is his birthday post so I won’t be as mean to him as I usually am.  22 years young, and 22 underaged woman came to his party, on a Wednesday.  It was an all day drinking event, for all ages!  It was like every other party, fireworks that blew up in the street almost engulfing the neighborhood in flames, an all out 1994 WWF Royal Rumble that made its way through the house, and shoving so much birthday cake in Derek’s face that he was cleaning icing out of his ears a few days later.  Nothing abnormal.

 photo IMG_3175_zpsa3c8efa7.jpg

The one of many prison pictures taken that day.

 photo IMG_3273_zps94b87ecb.jpg

 photo IMG_3289_zpsc6943644.jpg

Tim the volunteer Troll.

 photo IMG_3292_zps6ab4c3ce.jpg

Janice thought it was a costume party and went as Tupac.

 photo IMG_3348_zpsf38a7631.jpg

The underage section of the party.

 photo IMG_3393_zpse9a93b37.jpg

 photo IMG_3403_zps30431ebf.jpg

A remake of The Oscars selfie.

 photo IMG_3456_zpsbbf8b35a.jpg

 photo IMG_3494_zps8c53b196.jpg

 photo IMG_3548_zps623c17eb.jpg

 photo IMG_3552_zps7ce05983.jpg

Cynthia with her iPad phone a rice picker hat, is that racist? And Justin giving her the respectful hovering arm.

 photo IMG_3586_zps380404ae.jpg

No matter what age you are, you will always dance to the Cha Cha Slide.

 photo IMG_3588_zpsdebf8843.jpg

Justin had a miserable time..

 photo IMG_3596_zps81f10b8e.jpg


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