End of Summer Delivery

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Our ‘End of Summer’ line is finally here, but if you live in California you know the sun isn’t going anywhere.  This is also the last time you’ll see the brick wall as our background as we are changing it once again, so if anyone wants a 10x10ft brick wall to compliment your sisters room, mom’s garden she works so hard on or to just put it on top of dads Corvette it will be on the side of Tjs house.  New colorways will be released in the fall as well!

 photo 12_zps01358155.jpg
 photo 15_zps38d7fdc3.jpg
 photo 16_zpsb7363a4d.jpg
 photo 17_zps0404f558.jpg
 photo 18_zpsea91b91e.jpg
 photo 19_zpsd554954e.jpg
 photo 11_zps529a25e0.jpg
 photo 13_zps03dd7347.jpg
 photo 14_zpsb3f444fc.jpg

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