With the playoffs around the corner the Dodgers are doing everything they can to guarantee their spot in.  But after watching them get beaten by the last place Padres I’m not willing to bet any money on them making it.  Also I’m writing this as a Yankee fan so don’t take my word on it.  Coincidentally the night of the game was free Babe Ruth bobble head night so I was able to have somewhat of Yankee pride with me.  Our great security guard pal Derek sat us as close as he could to the field, I could see everything even without my contacts in.  This time I came prepared and grabbed McDonald’s before hand along with cliche baseball snacks.  Sunflower seeds and peanuts to throw on the floor and m&m’s that just melted in my pocket.  We left in the 8th inning with all hope lost as the Dodgers were down by 4 and made our way towards K-town as Rachelle told me there’s an all you can eat restaurant for only $11, and by god was she right.

It was my first time to an actual authentic Korean restaurant, with full blown music videos in Korean playing the entire time that were actually pretty catchy.  They intimidate you by bringing the biggest plate of meat to the table hoping to tap you out in the first round.  Along with all the various vegetables and other nasty healthy stuff they have scattered throughout the table.  It’s a must when you’re with all your friends who will eat anything in their sight, I’m looking at you Derek.

 photo 33_zps40cc6707.jpg

 photo 34_zps7f42f4f9.jpg

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And after, I don’t think she ever got off her phone.

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After the brutal California weather starting to cool down I figured it was a good time to go see a Dodger game, at night of course.  My friend Cynthia and I went, and after hearing that Dillon had never been to a Dodger game we took him as well.  We sat in left field and watched the Dodgers get destroyed by the Padres, but the main highlights of the game were the people we sat next too.  Insulting the Padre outfielders every inning, every play, every minute.  Glad I had a Dodger jersey on which works as a invincibility cloak at that stadium, those crazy ass fans.  As the game went on Dillon admitted that he had also never been to Hooters, so guess where we went after the game, you guessed it, Hooters.  Yum, Hooters.  I’m a Yankee fan anyways, so it was a good day in all.

 photo dodgergame_zps853ac4d5.jpg

(if you look closely, you will notice that that is nail polish on the hands, therefor it’s Cynthia, not me.  I swear..)

 photo hooters_zps834b64f0.jpg

Last night we got to go to Dodger Stadium for their annual Star Wars night.  I’ve been raised a Yankee fan but for Star Wars it was worth it, especially when it’s all you can eat and drink.  They had stormtroopers and other characters hanging out around the stadium along with Princess Lea singing the National Anthem which was pretty cool.  Dodgers did wind up losing to the Reds so it wasn’t that bad of a night.  Thanks again Brian Wilson for the tickets!