It’s that time again, to try and take pictures in the windy weather Santa Clarita always blesses us with.  As our End of Summer line just released it was a must that we took our lookbook photos in our hometown that everyone loves to hate. From Canyon High all the way up to Nike base we did as best as we could while begging Jake the entire time to keep his pants on.  We are also still currently remodeling the entire website and expect it to have it up soon, thank you for your patience.

 photo 43_zps56b6cdb0.jpg

 photo 44_zpse5d94ff7.jpg

Jake and Nate took a little break to ‘motivate’ each other to get back in the mood.

 photo 45_zps5d30827a.jpg
 photo 47_zpsb05c1493.jpg

 photo 49_zps09efb2f4.jpg

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 photo 413_zps400b7968.jpg
The mandatory prison pic.

 photo 41_zpsf4a50b63.jpg

And the not mandatory jock pic.

 photo 42_zps0b747cda.jpg

Our ‘End of Summer’ line is finally here, but if you live in California you know the sun isn’t going anywhere.  This is also the last time you’ll see the brick wall as our background as we are changing it once again, so if anyone wants a 10x10ft brick wall to compliment your sisters room, mom’s garden she works so hard on or to just put it on top of dads Corvette it will be on the side of Tjs house.  New colorways will be released in the fall as well!

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 photo 15_zps38d7fdc3.jpg
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We attended our second Bank Sale this past weekend, this time at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  This year we decided to put some blood, sweat and tears into our booth and build our very own from scratch.  We were fortunate enough to work with a 10×10 area which allowed myself to catch up on some sleep in the back with the inventory while Tj ate casts amount of food on the showroom floor.  We released all of our all new gear from our End Of Summer line along with last seasons shirts for only $10.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by!