The day started off with Crystal repeatedly texting me in the wee hours of the morning (9 am) to try and convince me to drive to San Pedro to see a duck.  Why would I do that when I can just see one at the nearest park?  But this was no ordinary duck, it was a rubber one, and it was the world’s largest one.  I saw it pop up on my Instagram a few months ago from someone that lives in Tokyo but I never thought it’d waddle its way here.  This thing was massive, even with Derek standing next to it.  It’s been around since 1992 and it’s filled with capsized bath toys.  It’s traveled all over the world in a twenty year span, and who knows where it will wind up next!


 photo IMG_4032_zps73aa1da8.jpg

 photo IMG_4054_zps7bff1f99.jpg

For the record, this is my first selfie.

 photo IMG_4075_zps8003b2c4.jpg

Crystal practicing her duck face since it is socially acceptable thanks to the huge 40 foot duck.

 photo IMG_4076_zpsb2b234a6.jpg

Derek using his imagination and feeling what it’s like to be Lexington Steele.

 photo IMG_4085_zps194b2535.jpg

 photo IMG_4105_zps727129af.jpg

The garage is slowly turning into a man cave.

 photo IMG_4120_zpsa6886051.jpg


After 32 years of waiting, and riding miscellaneous ghetto rigged fixed gears, Tj finally started building his own bike.  He ordered a Leader 735 frame due to the 40% off sale Citygrounds had this past weekend (they copied our idea).  We drove down to Citygrounds in Long Beach to pickup some more parts for the bike, after the many Snoop Dogg videos I didn’t expect LBC to be as nice as it was.  I aimlessly walked around the store as Tj spent mostof his 401k on the bike that will soon consume his life.

We headed over to Burger King thinking it was a good idea to take on the 2 for $5 deal.  Both of us went for the Whopper and Chicken sandwich, and then decided the meal wouldn’t be complete without a large fry and drink, and yes I removed the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and any other sort of vegetables from my Whopper, cause those are bad for you.  After shoving everything down our throats and being escorted out of Burger King in wheelchairs, our food babies have formed we headed home to give birth.

 photo lbc2_zps8e866e86.jpeg

 photo lbc1_zps9fa43f89.jpeg

This is Tj’s ‘Why did I buy all of this” face.

 photo lbc3_zpsb99c36c5.jpeg

This is Tj’s ‘Why did I order all this food, please help me” face.

 photo lbc5_zpscc043639.jpeg

The day would not have been complete if we didn’t eat even more unhealiter.  What better way to wash down Burger King with some Menchies, and 88 toppings that you can fit into the 8 foot deep cups.  THEN, headed over to Crave Cafe in Studio City, as a very picky eater and very few knowledge on food I highly recommend you try Crave at least once.  They have everything from fruit filled crepes to those red velvet cupcakes everyone instagrams.  Even more convenient, they’re opened 24 hours except on Sundays, those damn Chickfila rules.

 photo lbc6_zps921b72e0.jpeg

 photo lbc7_zpsbd834304.jpeg

Here is what the Tj has so far, I will update the blog with his build (even though no one cares).

 photo 735_zps573023f4.jpg

After trying to get in last year and not being able to attend, we were fortunate enough to be apart of Agenda this year. It was a double header, to get to the trade show and then head over to Agenda Emerge afterwards which was a seminar featuring the gods of today’s streetwear culture including Jeff Staple, Johnny Cupcakes, Bobby Hundreds and Marc Ecko. They were very strict on the whole taking photos at the trade show, so I had to bust some 007 skills out to get the pictures, which still came out blurry. The exhibition was huge, the entire Convention center was filled with every brand you can think of, from the kingpins to the up and comings. It showcased what new trends are soon to hit shelves and be the new sensation. But the coolest thing I saw was these alien type cellphone chargers placed throughout the venue, they were straight out of Alien vs Predator.

 photo agendablog2_zpsd222f651.jpg

 photo agendablog6_zpsca924f04.jpg

 photo agendablog5_zps6c698007.jpg

 photo agendablog1_zps9f9214e7.jpg

Afterwards we headed over to Emerge, high off McDonald’s grease we were antsy to get in. Johnny Cupcakes came out early and amused the crowd with his infamous fake cockroaches and burping skills. The seminar was better than Tj and I could have ever expected, it taught us so much and showed how they started from literally nothing and got where they are today from hard work. So many intelligent individuals under one roof doing exactly what we want to do one day, and to have them preaching to you is even more of a blessing.

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